Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Updates on Jack!

I know, I're probably wondering why I have posted two updates in one night when I haven't posted anything for a month! Well, I had a lot of cute pictures of Jack and a lot has gone on this past month, so I thought it would be easier to just write two about our decision to move to Minneapolis this summer and one just about Jack!

Jack went swimming with us for the first time last Saturday! We figured that if he loved baths so much (by far his favorite part of any day), he might like the pool in our building! We took lots of pictures to document it but didn't get a lot of smiles from him. We think he was pretty unsure...although that was his reaction to baths at first too, so there's hope!

Another Jackson finally fit into the big part of the stroller! We bought a BundleMe (sleeping bag type blanket) for his stroller and it finally came in the mail. He did great facing forward and even fell asleep after a while. He is so curious so I'm sure he loves being able to face forward and look at all of the things around him.

Other fun things to know about Jack this month:
  • He is obsessed with the washcloth during bath time! He dips it in the water and then sucks on it (don't worry, there is no soap on it) and will play tug of war while you pull it away. He has also started screaming when you take it away from him - fun...tantrums starting already at 4 1/2 months...
  • Grabbing faces! If you get down really close to his face he has a blast grabbing your face and babbling away to you.
  • Babbling and laughing! He is very vocal now - it's so fun to see him expressing his emotions.
  • Laying on his side. I bet he will be rolling over within a week or two. He can roll from his tummy to back but when he's on his back he can get his legs over but his arm gets stuck so he just plays contently on his side.
  • Sucking his thumb and fingers! After months of trying different pacifiers, we finally gave up. Within weeks he took to his fingers to soothe himself! It's really cute. He only does it at naptime/bedtime and right after his bath. Such a sweetie!!

Below are pictures of his swimming experience along with a few others from today...

In his robe and swim trunks ready to get in...

His stylish robe...

In the water and unsure... Cute close-up...
Daddy and Jack
Mommy and Jack

All done!
In his big boy stroller facing forward!
Wiggle worm...good thing he's strapped in!!
Goofy kid...
All smiles :-)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Minneapolis Here We Come!

Well, we finally made a decision! We debated, talked and mostly prayed for weeks about where we should go this summer. Dallas lost out ultimately to the fact that family is in MN. Troy will be working for McKinsey which is a consulting company. He will be traveling quite a bit so we will see how that works for our little family. It will be so nice to be able to spend some quality time with family and friends over the summer. Over the next few months we will be looking for a furnished apartment that is close to downtown Minneapolis and close to the airport since we only have one car and Troy will be going between those two places each week. Crazy times ahead!! I'm so glad he is able to pursue his passion and hopefully he will find that this is the right place for him!

During February, while we were trying to decided between Dallas and Minneapolis, we had the opportunity to visit both companies. Consequently, Jack became quite the little traveler! Two weekends in a row we traveled on planes. Below there is a picture of his first time on the plane. He did so well!! We did discover the trick to having a happy baby is carrying the pre-made 2oz formula bottles so that we could feed him anytime there was an issue! :-) We don't give our kid food everytime he fusses normally, but we thought we'd preserve the sanity of those around us!! All in all, traveling with a kid is a lot more work than you'd think but now we have valuable tricks for anyone if you need them!

Below are some pictures from the past month...

Jack is wearing his Valentine's Day shirt: "I'm Banana's over Mommy!"
Sucking his thumb!
At Chicago O'Hare Airport
On the plane for the first time!
He loves the mirror - it always makes him smile!
He likes to help turn pages now during story time
Still loves the tub!
He's discovered how to play on his side but isn't quite able to roll from back to front yet...

Story time...

Baking with Mommy!


Bundled up for a walk!
So cute after his bath!
Mommy and Daddy got to go on a date while Auntie Amy stayed with Jack!