Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Weekend

This past weekend was great! We celebrated with overall it was quiet and relaxed...which was perfect!! We took Jack to the pool so he could show off his new swimming skills, gave the boys Easter baskets Saturday morning, went to an awesome service at our church Resurrection Sunday and Troy and I even snuck out for a date night while Amy watched the kids! The only casualty was Jack's nice collared shirt on the way to church. He started choking on a veggie stick and threw up all over his shirt. The poor kid had to wear a dorky backup onsie that I keep in the diaper bag for emergencies with his nice khaki pants for church! Oh was memorable. We changed him for pictures when we got home so all was well... Sam also decided to throw up during the church service but I caught all of it in the bib and my outfit ruined!! :-)

We are so incredibly thankful for the time we've gotten to spend with Amy these past two years and are so sad it's about to end! We hadn't lived that close to each other in over 8 years when we moved here and who knows if we will again. So, we have been blessed and haven't taken it for granted!

Here are some pictures from the weekend...enjoy!

Me and my boys...I love their love!!
Easter baskets!
A Sesame Street bus!!

Sam and his gifts
Jack's helping himself to Sam's presents now...
Super cool Sam
Jack's first taste of a chocolate Easter bunny
Yep...he liked it!
Jack wanted to teach Sam how to "watch for trains"
Date night!
Daddy and Sam on Sunday
Jack loves to hug Sam
Amy and Sam
Family picture!
Couldn't quite capture the "perfect picture" of the boys...but we tried hard!
Sweet Sam
Mommy and Sam
Amy, Sam and Katie
Amy and Jack
Mommy and Jack
How cute is this...Jack found my bible and was "reading it" by himself

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A few updates on our boys...

Well the past few weeks have been cold, windy and more like February than the end of March and beginning of April! Needless to say, the few nice days we've had have been spent outside! Jack is loving the park even more this year than last since he is so much more independent now. He also just loves the sand...luckily we have endless amounts of sand and beaches right next to us. We bought him a few sand toys and I'm pretty sure he would sit in the sand all day if we'd let him! Yesterday he even found a big deep hole someone else had dug and had fun falling into it and then climbing back out over and over and over again! He'd also swim in Lake Michigan right now if we'd let him despite the fact that the lake is still freezing cold! Bubbles are also an absolute obsession of his right now! And when we don't blow bubbles while he's taking a bath, he blows them for us in the water! Yes, he can really blow bubbles in the water...and better than I can I'm pretty sure!

Sam is still a snuggly little cutie pie. Super smiley and loves to soak up all the attention he gets from Jack. We are pretty sure he is going to be our talker. He has a very loud voice for a 3 month old and babbles a lot of the day! It's so fun to hear! Sometimes we look at each other and are amazed that "that sound" just came out of our little guy. He's also such a good sport...going on our endless adventures with Jack each day. So laid back and happy! He is very good at napping in his car seat luckily! :-) We are SO blessed by these two boys!!

This past week, Amy and Isaac paid us a visit for the day. It was a nice day out so we were able to spend it at the park and up on the roof top playing soccer. We also took a trip to the pool to show off Jack's new floaty. So fun!

Life is busy but great! Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Trying to sit on his basketball...
Playing in the shower "washing dishes"
Happy little Sam...
Love this one!
Jack's new big boy backpack!
Spaghetti Night!! He liked it in case you can't tell! :-)
Still likes to snuggle with Mommy!
So fun to play in the toy box!!
Watching the trains on our rooftop!
Sam's first "sun tanning" experience...he wasn't a big fan...
Still loves his panda and reading books...
At the park!
LOVES the slide!!
Auntie Amy was there to play at the park too!

And of course...Sam was content sleeping through it all!
Auntie Amy and Jack on the swing
Oh Sammy...Gotta love his facials...he's just so cute!! :-)