Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Time has flown by...it's been a month since I've blogged! Sorry in advance for the length and amount of pictures, but I don't want to leave anything out! :-)

December started out with a trip to MN! Jack had his 3rd trip on an airplane...and we've decided we'd like to minimize air travel with kids as much as possible! He did great but was still quite a handful. He's a busy little kid and wasn't very fond of sitting on our laps but luckily the trip to MN is pretty short so we were thankful!! We went up there for a McKinsey weekend and attended a dinner on Friday night, a brunch on Saturday and their Holiday party on Saturday night. Troy and I stayed downtown at the W and Jack stayed with the grandparents! Although we always miss our little guy when he's away from us, we really enjoyed just having a weekend together before the baby comes and life gets crazy again!

The following weekend my parents and Amy and Isaac came down to visit on Saturday. My parents were kind enough to treat us to a great day of eating out and going to a Broadway show in downtown Chicago. We saw Wicked and even got to go backstage! Amy gave me a wonderful birthday/Christmas gift and Jack even got to open an early Christmas gift from Nana and Papa!

Troy has been out of school since the second week of December and has been an incredible help around the house and with Jack!!! We have had 3 weeks of wonderful family time and have tried to take advantage of some of the fun things to do in Chicago. We took Jack to see Santa...and as you'll see in the pictures below, he wasn't too sure about the funny looking guy in red! We also have gone downtown a few times. Once to Gino's East (an amazing pizza place) where Jack decided he was old enough to use a fork...and actually was able to do it himself! He ate 1/4 of our 12" deep dish pizza! He absolutely loves mushroom pizza! We also took a trip downtown and used the Metra train. Jack still loves trains and had fun at the station watching them come and go and enjoyed riding it too! We visited the Kristkindlemarket which is a German Christmas market modeled after one in Germany.

My birthday also came during the month and we had fun plans to take Jack to the Kohl's Children's Museum but Jack ended up with a high temp and double ear infection. So instead, we stayed inside except for when Troy took Jack to the doctor. Troy did end up baking me a homemade chocolate cake though...which ended the day perfectly! Although it wasn't what we planned it was still a great day because I got to be with my two favorite people in the whole world. It's funny how your perspective changes when you become a parent...

Troy's parents drove down to spend Christmas with us this year since I am too far along to travel anywhere. We enjoyed spending time with them and ate some great food during those three days! I'm afraid to go to the doctor tomorrow for my weigh in! :-) Jack, as always, loved all the attention he got during those few days!

I am 37 weeks on Thursday this week...FULL term!! We are so ready to meet this little guy...so I hope he comes early! I'm trying not to get my hopes up though and keep reminding myself that I could still have 4 more weeks!

Jack update: he turned 14 months on Christmas day! I can't believe it! He is turning into a little boy more and more everyday. He understand so many things now and we can ask him to do something (like "please bring me this" or "let's go to Jack's room and read") and although he can't talk will understand and do what we are asking! He's a great walker now and even knows the difference of whether he should walk to the elevator to go downstairs or walk to the door to go out to the car when we "go go" somewhere! His favorite item this month is definitely the swiffer that I use to dust! He is obsessed with it and carries it around the house like a toy! His motor skills have really improved as well. He is really good at using his index finger and thumb to read books, pull on things, etc. He also babbles incessantly like he's truly trying to give his opinion! He has also gotten pretty good at using silverware. We feel like he learns something new everyday and are so thankful we are both here to witness it! We love him so much and are so excited to see him as a big brother this next month!

Pictures are below...enjoy!

Troy and me (at 33 weeks) dressed up for the McKinsey Holiday party
Jack helping Daddy with putting up the Christmas tree
Anderson Family at Wicked
So excited about my gift from Amy!

Nana, Papa and Jack
Jack and his Swiffer...
Using an adult fork by himself at Gino's East pizzeria
Troy and Jack and Gino's East...Jack loved this penguin...
35 Weeks!
Jack's favorite meal...lasagna!
Jack and Santa
Daddy had to come sit with Jack and even then he was unsure of this man in red with a beard...
Downtown Chicago at Kristkindlemarket
On the train!
He had a ton of fun playing in this huge gift bag!
My birthday and birthday cake!
36 Weeks!
Grandpa and Grandma with Jack over Christmas
He loved his Little People Farm!
Daddy played his trumpet and Jack tried too!
Both the boys with their trumpets!
Christmas Eve...
Hangin' with Grandpa
Playing with his farm
Super cool musical bath toy...he's excited!
Pulling his new doggy around...
Loves the xylophone we got him!
The Octopus blows bubbles and sings songs in the bath...how fun!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving and More...

It's only been two weeks since I updated and all of a sudden I have a ton of pictures to post!

I hope everyone reading this had a blessed Thanksgiving! We had a wonderful weekend celebrating with my family. My parents and Amy drove down to us allowing me to stay in town during my third trimester and saving me from what could have been a very uncomfortable car ride! I got to learn how to make my Grandma Mitzel's stuffing and also learned how to make a turkey! We made all of our favorites and now Troy, Jack and I will be eating turkey and everything else the rest of this week! :-) It was sure delicious though!

Along with eating, we did some Black Friday and Saturday shopping, played Farkle, ate some Chicago traditions - hot dogs and pizza, took Jack to the park and also took him swimming. My mom and sister also helped me get started on pulling out all of our newborn and 0-3 month clothes to prepare for our little guy coming in less than 8 weeks! My dad and Troy put the crib together as well so we are pretty much set for whenever he decides to arrive! We are getting so excited and antsy to meet him! All in all, a great weekend! So thankful for family!

Jack also had his first "sleepover" about two weeks ago. One of my best friends, Natalie, went into labor and so we had her little guy Wyatt overnight. Jack got so excited when he woke up and had his little friend over to play! They were pretty cute together and got along so well! The highlight for them was playing on the futon mattress. We pulled it down onto the ground for Wyatt to sleep on and the next day the two of them couldn't get enough of climbing on it and falling into the pillows and then rolling off and starting again...super fun and so cute!

Jack is almost running now...which is a little scary. He is absolutely fearless. He'll climb up to the slide at the park and slide down head first without any help at all and thinks it's the best thing ever! He also will completely dunk his head under water in the pool with Troy and is so proud of himself! He never stops...his energy is endless! Another favorite of his lately is pulling out all the pots and pans in the kitchen and drumming on them or using them as cymbals. Not as fun for Troy and I! :-) He turned 13 months on Thanksgiving...and it was just a perfect reminder of how incredibly THANKFUL we are to have him in our life. He is such an amazing kid and we just love him so much!

Enjoy the photos!

A super cute outfit and photo of him after church this past Sunday
Such a little man...just walking around like he owns our place...
Splashing in the pool with Daddy and Papa

At the park with Nana, Auntie Amy and Mommy...

Sliding down head first all by himself...and so proud!

Me and my little guy...

Auntie Amy and Jack!
Trying on the winter hat he wore last year :-)
Helping us take out the baby clothes...
Chillin' on the couch!
Goofing off with Nana
Watching football with Daddy and Papa
Papa, Nana and Jack
Auntie Amy and Jack
Anderson Family Photo
Daddy and Jack
Loves the toilet paper...nice Jack...
31 weeks and 2 days
Not feeling so good...Daddy made a bed on the floor for him and we let him watch Veggie Tales...
Playing with his pots and pans

Funny kid...
Jack and Wyatt playing on the futon bed

They also were both obsessed with the vacuum...