Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving and More...

It's only been two weeks since I updated and all of a sudden I have a ton of pictures to post!

I hope everyone reading this had a blessed Thanksgiving! We had a wonderful weekend celebrating with my family. My parents and Amy drove down to us allowing me to stay in town during my third trimester and saving me from what could have been a very uncomfortable car ride! I got to learn how to make my Grandma Mitzel's stuffing and also learned how to make a turkey! We made all of our favorites and now Troy, Jack and I will be eating turkey and everything else the rest of this week! :-) It was sure delicious though!

Along with eating, we did some Black Friday and Saturday shopping, played Farkle, ate some Chicago traditions - hot dogs and pizza, took Jack to the park and also took him swimming. My mom and sister also helped me get started on pulling out all of our newborn and 0-3 month clothes to prepare for our little guy coming in less than 8 weeks! My dad and Troy put the crib together as well so we are pretty much set for whenever he decides to arrive! We are getting so excited and antsy to meet him! All in all, a great weekend! So thankful for family!

Jack also had his first "sleepover" about two weeks ago. One of my best friends, Natalie, went into labor and so we had her little guy Wyatt overnight. Jack got so excited when he woke up and had his little friend over to play! They were pretty cute together and got along so well! The highlight for them was playing on the futon mattress. We pulled it down onto the ground for Wyatt to sleep on and the next day the two of them couldn't get enough of climbing on it and falling into the pillows and then rolling off and starting again...super fun and so cute!

Jack is almost running now...which is a little scary. He is absolutely fearless. He'll climb up to the slide at the park and slide down head first without any help at all and thinks it's the best thing ever! He also will completely dunk his head under water in the pool with Troy and is so proud of himself! He never stops...his energy is endless! Another favorite of his lately is pulling out all the pots and pans in the kitchen and drumming on them or using them as cymbals. Not as fun for Troy and I! :-) He turned 13 months on Thanksgiving...and it was just a perfect reminder of how incredibly THANKFUL we are to have him in our life. He is such an amazing kid and we just love him so much!

Enjoy the photos!

A super cute outfit and photo of him after church this past Sunday
Such a little man...just walking around like he owns our place...
Splashing in the pool with Daddy and Papa

At the park with Nana, Auntie Amy and Mommy...

Sliding down head first all by himself...and so proud!

Me and my little guy...

Auntie Amy and Jack!
Trying on the winter hat he wore last year :-)
Helping us take out the baby clothes...
Chillin' on the couch!
Goofing off with Nana
Watching football with Daddy and Papa
Papa, Nana and Jack
Auntie Amy and Jack
Anderson Family Photo
Daddy and Jack
Loves the toilet paper...nice Jack...
31 weeks and 2 days
Not feeling so good...Daddy made a bed on the floor for him and we let him watch Veggie Tales...
Playing with his pots and pans

Funny kid...
Jack and Wyatt playing on the futon bed

They also were both obsessed with the vacuum...

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