Monday, November 8, 2010

New York!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to fly out to NYC and visit one of my closest friends - Michelle! Troy and I met Hector and Michelle in Minneapolis through mutual friends and then they ended up at Kellogg with us last year. Hector was a year ahead of Troy and so last year after graduation they moved to NYC. I'd never been there so I flew out for a girl's weekend! It was SO great to see both of them! Michelle took me all over the city - the Financial District, the Brooklyn Bridge, SOHO, Chelsea, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, Broadway, etc. We had a wonderful time! We are so blessed to have the Fernandez's as friends and can't wait until we all live in the same city again! Although, I totally plan to go back to NYC a few more times while they are still there! :-)

Troy and Jack stayed back in Evanston and Troy was on full parenting duty for 4 days! He got a little taste of what my life was like this summer and what it will be like once he starts working/traveling full time again! They did great and had a "guys" weekend! He took some pictures of our goofy kid which are below as well!

I figure I probably can't get away with a blog that doesn't include some Jack pictures! :-)

Enjoy the photos!

Michelle and I found a restaurant called MacBar - the menu has about 7-8 different types of mac and cheese on good!!!
Times Square

Looking out at Central Park from the top of Rockefeller Center
Looking at the Empire State Building
Michelle and I with Central Park in the background
The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Me in Central of my favorite spots by far!
Heading off to Mary Poppins on Broadway!
Waiting for Mary Poppins to start!
Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge
Michelle and I on the Brooklyn Bridge

Waiting in line at a famous pizza place in Brooklyn
And yes...once we got in Michelle and I ate an entire large pizza! :-)
We bought these gorgeous paintings from a street vendor in SOHO!
Jack is obsessed with the drain...he takes it out and puts it back in over and over...

The kitchen drawers are his favorite place to get into trouble...
Eating sloppy joe's with Daddy...and Daddy was smart enough to take off all the clothes beforehand!

Randomly moving his chair around...
Loves the plastic zip lock baggies...
Plastic baggies stuck to his feet...nice Jack...

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