Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend of Painting

My Mom, Dad and sister were able to come down for the day on Saturday to help us paint the baby's room. They were a great help! Troy and my Dad were able to get most of the baby's room taped and painted which was a huge help to Troy since I'm not a lot of help these days! :-) All in all, it turned out great! Now we just need to hang everything on the walls! My mom and sister were even kind enough to paint my toes for me (since that is pretty difficult for me too now). We were also able to enjoy the beautiful weather and of course, eat at Giordano's for pizza!

I went to the dr. last week and looks like all is well. Not much to report but it feels more real now that I am actually meeting the dr.'s that will deliver our child. Now I just need to remember to pre-register at the hospital and interview some pediatricians... The to-do list to get ready is never ending! The baby is still really active. Last night he literally moved around for 3 hours, took an 1 1/2 hour break and then was right back at it for another hour! He finally settled down around 11:45pm so his Momma could get some sleep!

Troy started a new round of classes today that he will have now until Christmas break. He really enjoyed them so far. I'm sure they will be a lot of work but he really loves this is the right place for him! I joined the Kellogg Kids Committee to keep me busy so now I will be helping plan events and activities for this group during the upcoming year. I'm so thankful this school has a place for the moms and kids!
Life is good...enjoy the pictures!
Eating Pizza...again...

The painting process...

The final product...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our New Life in Evanston

We have been here 3 weeks now...and it's flown by! The first few days Troy and I spent some time together getting our new home all set, relaxing and we also took a trip into the city on the train. Although we are only 10 miles from downtown Chicago, it takes an hour to get there by train! We took an architecture boat ride tour on the river through the city while we were there and got to use our new camera to take pictures. Troy has been practicing with the camera so that when the baby comes he will be a pro! My sister also visited us during the first few weeks to keep me company while Troy was busy with school activities. It was really fun showing her Evanston and eating at our favorite pizza place.

Tomorrow I have my first doctor appointment since we've been here (32 weeks!). So far, the baby has stayed really active. My tummy is really moving and is visible for anyone watching. There are many times when Troy finds me laughing by myself because the baby is doing something amusing (like punching anything I rest on my belly). He has also really developed the hiccups lately. Usually about once a day I'll feel the rhythmic thumping for a few minutes. It's so crazy how real it all is now! We will be painting the baby room this weekend and after that is done, we will be 100% ready for the little guy to make his way into the world! We are so extremely excited to meet him!!

Below are some pictures we've taken over the last 3 weeks...

Baby booties...

Giordano's Pizza...yum!

Troy and me in Chicago