Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Weekend

This past weekend was great! We celebrated with overall it was quiet and relaxed...which was perfect!! We took Jack to the pool so he could show off his new swimming skills, gave the boys Easter baskets Saturday morning, went to an awesome service at our church Resurrection Sunday and Troy and I even snuck out for a date night while Amy watched the kids! The only casualty was Jack's nice collared shirt on the way to church. He started choking on a veggie stick and threw up all over his shirt. The poor kid had to wear a dorky backup onsie that I keep in the diaper bag for emergencies with his nice khaki pants for church! Oh was memorable. We changed him for pictures when we got home so all was well... Sam also decided to throw up during the church service but I caught all of it in the bib and my outfit ruined!! :-)

We are so incredibly thankful for the time we've gotten to spend with Amy these past two years and are so sad it's about to end! We hadn't lived that close to each other in over 8 years when we moved here and who knows if we will again. So, we have been blessed and haven't taken it for granted!

Here are some pictures from the weekend...enjoy!

Me and my boys...I love their love!!
Easter baskets!
A Sesame Street bus!!

Sam and his gifts
Jack's helping himself to Sam's presents now...
Super cool Sam
Jack's first taste of a chocolate Easter bunny
Yep...he liked it!
Jack wanted to teach Sam how to "watch for trains"
Date night!
Daddy and Sam on Sunday
Jack loves to hug Sam
Amy and Sam
Family picture!
Couldn't quite capture the "perfect picture" of the boys...but we tried hard!
Sweet Sam
Mommy and Sam
Amy, Sam and Katie
Amy and Jack
Mommy and Jack
How cute is this...Jack found my bible and was "reading it" by himself

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