Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jack's 15 Month/Sam's One Month and more...Long Overdue!!

Okay...bear with me as this is going to be a long update with LOTS of photos!! These past 5 weeks have flown by and we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

This past week we have gotten a lot more sleep, Sam is now sleeping in his crib at night and during the day for naps and just started smiling too! Very exciting moments!

We have had several visitors in Sam's short 8 weeks of life so far. My parent's and sister came when he was born, Troy's grandparents stopped by when driving down to Florida, my sister came to literally relieve us when we were so overwhelmed we couldn't see straight, Troy's parent's made a trip down here two weekends ago to meet Sam and this past weekend, our good friends Hector and Michelle came from NYC for a visit! It's been wonderful seeing people we love and who support us.

We have also made a few fun family trips to get Jack out of the house. We joined the Kohl Children's is amazing! He has SO much fun every time we go...definitely a good investment! My sister and Troy's parent's even took him each time when they were in town. We also took Jack to his favorite park to play in the snow for the first time ever in January...he was a little confused at first but had so much fun! Yesterday we made a trip down to the Shedd Aquarium again. Jack was several months older this time and really loved looking at all the fish! It is so fun watching him get excited and seeing joy on his face! Little Sam is such a good baby during all of these trips out and about as long as he has his nuk!

Both boys hit milestones at the end of January...Sam turned 1 month and Jack 15 months. They had their doctors appointments at the same time and we all went together as a family. Jack was just over 20 pounds - still under the 10th percentile. Sam was 8 lbs, 8.5 oz and 22 inches long. He came in at the 21st percentile for weight. I'm pretty sure he is over 10 lbs now...he goes in on march 7th for his 2 month appointment so we will see...

Overall, we are really enjoying life as a family of 4. Jack is still totally in love with Sam and Sam is increasingly responding to Jack more and more everyday. It is really about the absolute best feeling in the world to see love between your two kids. Thank you Lord for these amazing boys!!

Here are some fun facts about each kid...

Jack at 15 months:
  • Loves balancing anything on top of something else! He is so determined and will try until he succeeds!
  • Two new favorites: Jimmy John's and Chipotle...which works out since those are Troy and my favorites too!
  • The "Itsy Bitsy Spider" song! He makes us sing it over and over as he does his hand motions along with us!
  • Coloring and Play-dough...he finds the crayons or play dough and brings it to us at least once a day so he can play
  • The kitchen! He loves playing with any spatula, spoon, pot, etc that he can get his hands on!
  • Elmo! He is obsessed! It is the only thing that actually holds his attention for any length of time - which has come in handy now that I have to sit and feed Sam...
  • Talking - it is starting...he is really trying to say different words each day. "nack nack" (snack) and 'muull" (milk) are his new favorites.

Sam at 1 month:

  • Loves his NUK...mostly only when he's sleepy
  • Cuddling - he loves to be held and snuggle with us! We love it too!
  • Tummy time...although that only lasts so long and then he thinks it's a comfortable way to fall asleep (don't worry...we flip him over)
  • far he is extremely content in the bath...until we take him out and try to put lotion on him!
  • Eating - he is a pretty good eater...and eats out of a bottle now at all times

Here are a bunch of pictures...hope you enjoy!

Tummy time...he looks exactly like Jack in this picture!
Cutie pie...
Jack's "uh oh" look
Sleeping in his favorite chair...
Cuddling with Mommy
"Am I in trouble???"
"Grocery shopping" at the Children's Museum
Driving a train at the Children's Museum
Playing in the music room...
Sucking his toe at dinner...
First time bundled up and playing in the snow!

Still loves the slide!
Sam at 1 month!
Balancing an apple on his sippy cup
Playing in the kitchen...
Grandpa and Jack
Grandma and Jack
Grandpa, Grandma and Sam
Our first walk with the double stroller!
Jack - watching the Super Bowl and eating Jimmy John's
Sweet little boy
Mommy and her boys
Valentine's Day - Jack and Sam!
Daddy brought Chipotle home for Mommy and Jack - our favorite for Valentine's Day!
Sweet little Sammy
What a cutie...
"Itsy bitsy spider"
Loves to build...
Sam and his NUK
Giving Daddy his Valentine
Mommy and Sam
Michelle and Jack watching Elmo
Michelle, Jack and Sam
At the Shedd Aquarium - looking at the fish...

His you can tell by the way he's pressed to the glass
Pretending to talk on Daddy's phone with the ear piece...
Daddy and Sam
Jack and Sam playing on our bed
Learning to eat yogurt by himself...

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  1. SUCH SWEET PHOTOS and stories!! I am so glad you are doing well and that you guys are having time for fun!! Enjoy your last few months in Chicago!! I can't wait until I can run over to say hello and give you a break!!