Thursday, February 18, 2010

February much to talk about!'s been over a month since I have updated this! I can't believe how busy this past month has been for us. I'm very glad it's almost over and am really looking forward to March when things will slow down a bit!

Troy spent the last part of January and first part of February immersed in interviews and mid-term tests. He currently has two offers for the summer - one in Minneapolis and one in Dallas. Both companies are flying us to their respective locations and have full weekends planned for us to try and sell us on why we should choose them. Jackson is going to be a pro at traveling on a plane after the next few weeks!! :-)

I also spent the last part of January and first part of February studying and took a Group Fitness certification exam last weekend so that I can hopefully get a job teaching group fitness classes at a gym (ex. step aerobics). Cross your fingers that I passed! If I don't though, I have a year to retake it without any costs, which is super nice! What better job is there than free daycare (at the gym), a paycheck and a great work-out all in one?!?! If I pass this, I can also go on to get certified in really fun stuff like kick-boxing, cycling, etc. I'll keep you updated on my status!!

Now to Jack...the part that everyone really cares about! :-) He is getting so big and literally changing every week. He will be four months old a week from today on the 25th...I really can't believe how fast it's gone. I'm excited to take him to the dr. and see how much he weighs! He is still wearing 0-3 month clothes but hopefully he'll be moving up in the next few weeks! Below are some things he's really interested in now...
  • His Hands! He is fascinated by his hands and grabbing onto anything in his reach. He loves to suck on them, stare at them or just watch them reaching and grabbing!
  • His links! He will just grab and stare and move them from hand to hand.
  • Story time! He has become an active participant in story time. He not only loves to look at the pictures but he grabs at the pages and tries to help turn them!
  • Drooling! It's officially begun...let's hope the teeth are still a few months off though!
  • Flying! He loves to have us lift him up and pretend he's superman! There is a picture below...
  • His Bumbo! He's finally big enough to sit in it by himself, which is super nice because he can sit up on the countertop while we are working in the kitchen and still feel like he's included!
  • His Baby Einstein Activity Center! He is just barely big enough (although his feet still don't touch the ground) but he is so interested in this new bouncy thing with music and toys attached! It's a great way for him to expend some energy!
  • Nap time!!! After a few months of never sleeping longer than 30 minutes at a time, I think we have accomplished a feat!! He is now taking 1-1 1/2 hour naps 3 times a day. It's so nice because he is happier and I can actually get stuff done (like this blog)!! :-)

As always, below are some pictures of our little guy...enjoy!

Mommy and Jack just hangin out...
Jackson "flying" Happy Baby... Playing with "Tad"... His new activity toy...just big enough! I took a LOT of photos at 3 months...poor kid...

Everything goes in the mouth...including our fingers...
So cute!! One of my favorites!

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