Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January So Far...

We are officially back into the swing of things!! Troy is busy busy busy trying to secure a summer internship and believe it or not, that's almost a full time job in itself! He is doing a GREAT job though of balancing family and school. He is the one who gets up with Jackson in the mornings so he can spend time with him and give him a bottle before he's off for the day and home almost every night to do the bedtime routine with Jack before he goes to bed!

Speaking of bedtime routine, it has been established! Each night around 5:15 we start a bath, followed by a baby massage and jammies. Then we give him a bottle, read him a book and finally end with the infamous bouncy ball! Usually he's asleep around 6:30. This past week he has been sleeping around 8-9 hours straight after he goes down!! He gets up once to eat and then goes back to bed until around 6:30 or 7am! Big breakthrough! I can totally live with that for a while.

Our TCU Horned Frogs made it to a BCS bowl for the first time this year! We were so excited for them...too bad the game was so sad in the end. They had an amazing year though and ended up 6th overall, which is still not too bad at all! Maurine gave Jack a TCU onesie with matching socks so he could cheer on the Frogs too, so we made sure to take a few pictures and shared them below! He looks pretty good in Horned Frog purple! Also...he will officially be announced to the TCU alumni in the March 2010 issue of the TCU Magazine wearing his TCU clothes!

And here is an overall update on our little guy...

New things that Jackson loves:

  1. Bath Time! He is soooo happy in the bath! He can be screaming his brains out beforehand and as soon as you take him into the bathroom and take his clothes off he gets a huge smile on his face.
  2. Storytime! He seems to be really engaged now when we read him stories. He loves looking at the pictures on each page.
  3. His TONGUE!! He has officially discovered it and loves sticking it out at us. We play fun games where we stick it out at him and he copies us! Probably not the best thing to teach your child but for now it's fun!
  4. His Octopus and Tad, the learning tadpole! He stares at both lovingly while he smiles and coos at them during playtime! So funny and yet so sweet at the same time!

Hope you enjoy the pictures below!

Mommy and Jackson reading a book before bed

How cute are these socks!?!
Ready to watch the game and cheer on the Frogs! "Touchdown!!"
Bundled up on a chilly the hat!!
So excited for playtime!!
TCU photo shoot...

This is the one that will be in the can actually see the "TCU" part
"I LOVE my octopus!"
Again...just soooo excited for playtime!
And now...tuckered out from playtime!
Sweet little boy...
Bath Time!!
Bath Time with the tongue!

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