Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year!

We made it through our first long road trip! Jack did so great! We spent December 15th through January 1st in Minneapolis visiting family and friends. Jackson slept the entire trip there except for one feeding and diaper change in Madison! The trip was one of our fastest ever - only 7 hours!

It was so wonderful to see everyone. We were able to celebrate my birthday with friends and family and also multiple Christmases with family too. Although we didn't have any downtime the entire trip it was great to see everyone!

After returning to Chicago, Jackson definitely had an adjustment period of getting back on a schedule! He did not like the fact that Mommy and Daddy weren't willing to hold him for every single second of the day since that was what he had become used to being around all the people for the past few weeks. Day by day he's getting better...

He turned 2 months while we were there - on Christmas day! I can't believe how time flies. My little man is growing up! He is so smiley now and makes eye contact with us. He's sleeping up to 5-6 hours at a time now when he goes down for the night too which is a major improvement! We brought him in for his 2 month check-up on December 14th, right before we left town and he weighted 9 lbs, 5 oz. On our way to Minneapolis he was still wearing Newborn size clothes but by the time we left he was definitely in 0-3 month clothes! I think he might be catching up finally and will be moving on to 3-6 month clothes not too long from now. He is super long and skinny so the biggest problem is getting his pants to stay up! He was still in the 10th percentile in weight when we had him in on the 14th, but I think he had a major growth spurt right after that so I can't wait for his 4 month appointment to see how big he's gotten!

Below are some pictures from our time in Minneapolis! Enjoy!

Christmas Eve
Papa and Jack
Grandpa and Jack
The Williams' Family
Mommy and Jack
Great-Grandma Mitzel with Jack and me
Daddy and Jack-tummy time!
My 27th Birthday!
Present time! Jack's first laptop - Elmo style!
The Anderson Family
Jack's Christmas Outfit
Christmas Morning!

Christmas Day with Nana

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