Saturday, December 12, 2009

December so far...

Jack is so fun! He has had a few milestones this month already! So far, he has started sleeping in his own crib, taking a bottle twice a day, sitting in his Bumbo, helping Daddy hold his bottle and best of all...smiling at us! His favorite pastime is playing on his Baby Einstein activity mat. He grabs at his toys, smiles at Mr. Whale and Mr. Octopus, does tummy time on it and uses it to do his infamous "scooting!" He still loves climbing up Daddy too! Now we just have to master the sleeping through the night thing... I suppose that will come with time.
Troy is done with his first quarter of classes...finally!! My mom came down to help out during finals which was super helpful. Troy was able to fully concentrate on school and I still had and second set of hands. He finished on 12/9 and so now we are just hanging out as a family relaxing for a few days. It's so fun and I feel so fortunate that Jack has this time with his Daddy. They are such's so fun to watch them spend so much time together bonding.
Wednesday we will hop in the car after Jackson's middle of the night feeding and attempt to drive to Minneapolis in under 8 hours...we'll see! :-) It will be so fun to bring him there and introduce him to all of our friends and family who haven't met him yet! We have a pretty busy schedule while we're home but it will be fun! Lots of pictures to come from Jack's first Christmas, I'm sure, so check back after then to see more photos! Also, there are several more photos on the Shutterfly site so check that out too! Below are a few of my favorites from the last few days...
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Williams family!
Jackson playing on his activity mat - his favorite thing to do!

Sitting in the Bumbo for the first time!

Holding his bottle!

Jack and Daddy
All bundled up for the cold weather!
"Please stop taking pictures of me!" :-)
Auntie Amy and Jack!

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