Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer 2010!

It's been too long, I know! There is so much to talk about! The biggest of the updates is that we are having another baby! The due date is January 20th so our kids will only be about 15 months apart! Are we crazy? I don't think so...we are excited! This is the perfect time for us to have another one. Troy will not really be busy at all with school so he will be home most of the time to help me out for at least the first 6 months! We will be able to find out the baby's gender at the beginning on September...so stay tuned! I haven't had a chance to take a belly picture yet but intend to this week when I hit 15 weeks. It's hard to believe my baby is going to be a big brother in less than 6 months from now!

During the month of June we moved back to Minneapolis for the summer. Troy started his internship at McKinsey and has really enjoyed himself this summer! We think it is a good fit for our family and would love it if Troy could work there full time after school. He will know by the end of August whether or not he has a job offer for after he graduates in June 2011. We celebrated Troy's first Father's Day in June too. We had a great family day and brought Jack swimming. There are a few pictures below of Troy and Jack in the pool. We also took a trip back to Evanston at the end of June so I could go to my OB appointment. It was great to be "home." I didn't realize how much of a home our condo in Evanston has become until we left it this summer. During my visit, I took a trip up to Milwaukee to visit my sister and spend the day with her. She got to see first hand how active my little guy is...I think we tired her out by the end of the day! It was so fun though to spend that time with her.

July started out by heading to Troy's parent's cabin for the 4th. We actually went up the 3rd and came home on the 4th since Jack is too young to stay up for fireworks. He experienced his first boat ride...which he loved of course! He could not take his eyes off the wake at the back of the boat. He hated the life jacket though! He also got a little mini ride on the 4 wheeler. Troy and I sandwiched him in and rode up and down the driveway. Super fun! Later that week, Troy and I headed to Key Biscayne, FL for a 4 day trip with McKinsey. It was wonderful!!! I got 3 days of sleeping in!! We got to see Miami and take a catamaran around the ocean. We really had some great time as a couple. We missed out little Jack but it was a much needed get away for us! Jack did great while we were gone...he had time at both the grandparent's houses. Last Saturday my cousin Tami and her family was in town and they all got to meet Jack for the first time. It was great catching up with them and introducing our kids to each other! I wish they lived closer and we got to see them more often! Now we are in Evanston again for the week so I can see my Dr. and Jack also had his 9 month appointment! I can't believe how big he is! He is 16 lbs 13 oz which isn't really that big (5th percentile) but he is in the 75th percentile for height. He had the stomach flu for the first time last night so we are thinking he lost a few ounces during that, poor guy.

Other fun facts about Jack:
  • Crawling! He started crawling on June 14th at 7 1/2 months. He is fast and furious and in the process of learning the word "no" now that he can get into everything!
  • Standing! His favorite past time these days is seeing what piece of furniture, appliance, bath tub, etc he can use to stand up!
  • Thomas the Train and Elmo! The kid is obsessed! If there is a Thomas or Elmo book in the room he will not let us read him anything else! He will also find his Thomas or Elmo books on the coffee table and pull them down so he can read to himself...pretty adorable!
  • Chattering! He only babbles, but wow can he babble!! He is constantly talking or spitting. He's been saying gaga, baba, dada sounds for a while but today he said mama over and over again...so fun!!
  • Eating! He loves yogurt, oatmeal, most veggies, cheerios and Gerber biter biscuits. Today at the Dr. we got the official go ahead to start giving him grown up food in small pieces! We'll see how long it takes for him to get over his gag reflex and actually start enjoying real food!
  • Swimming! Really, just any type of water. He is so happy when he is in the water, so this summer has been super fun since we've been able to put him in something other than a bathtub!
  • Dancing! This past week he started bopping along to music. It is seriously the cutest thing ever!! Commercials, his toys, songs we sing to him...really anything will get him going!
  • Teeth! He's had his two bottom teeth since 6 months but this past month he's been working on all four top teeth! His two big ones are pretty visible now but the ones next to them are still coming through. It's fun to see him bite things-unless it's my arm or face! :-)
As always, here are some pictures. Starting from the end of May through yesterday! Enjoy!

Wearing Daddy's UT hat...he thought he was so cool!
Crawling on the bed, just being cute!
At the pool with Darby and Carter!

Father's Day...and pool time!

Trent, Sara, and cousin Bella came over to play at the end of Father's Day
Uncle Trent and Cousin Bella
Jack thought is was fun to bite Bella's feet and Bella thought it was hilarious!
Auntie Amy and Jack!
Cutie Pie...
Miami skyline from the ocean
On the catamaran
Key Biscayne
4th of July...Grandpa and Jack driving the boat!
Biting the steering wheel...
Having fun with Daddy!

He's in love with apples...

Looking at the wake
4 wheeling time!

Grandma and Jack
Helping with laundry!
Having fun at the pool!

He thinks he's too cool to be in the jumper so he plays on the outside of the jumper now
Nana and Jack
Jack with Avery, Ben and Cameryn - my cousin Tami's kids
Tami and me with our kids
The Williams family and the Ocken family

Auntie Amy and Jack...check out the onsie he has on! :-)

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