Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jack's Dedication Weekend

Our little guy was dedicated to the Lord on May 16th, 2010 at Grace Church in Eden Prairie! What a special day! We had the privilege of standing up in front of our families, friends, and church and commit to raising our son up in a Christian home and church with the help of all those around us. Jack did great up in front of the church! After Pastor Brian Vaughan did the dedication we walked up the isle and our families came out and prayed over us which was really special. Jack decided to be a little jokester and do his blowing spit routine during the prayer but at least he was in good spirits! :-)

After the service we went back to Kathy and George's house and had lunch with our families. Jack's Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma Olson were there, Great-Aunt Marilyn, Grandma and Grandpa Williams, Uncle Trent, Cousin Bella, Nana and Papa Anderson and Auntie Amy were all there celebrating the day with us! It was such a wonderful day!

Also during the weekend, we had a chance to spend a day with each of the families and catch up. Jack got to try out a swing for the first time and absolutely loved it! My parents hung one from below their deck and he literally squealed in delight! The higher he went the happier he was!

My friend Angie's daughter Nora (Michelle's niece) stopped by and got to see "Baby Jack" as she calls him - it was sooo sweet. There are a few pictures below of Michelle, Nora and Jack. We also got to spend a night hanging out with our really good friends - John and Andrea Nelson. They have a daughter Lucy who is almost two and she and Jack also got to play for a little bit that night. Little kids playing are just so darn cute!

Overall, a wonderful and very special weekend! Enjoy the pictures below!

Jack's picture and name up on the big screen at church
Us standing up at the front of church
During the dedication
During the prayer
Family picture after the service
Anderson Family
Williams Family
Auntie Amy, Jack and me
Michelle, Andrea, Jack and me
Jack's cake and verse: Joshua 1:7-9
Great-Grandma Olson and Jack
Family shot in front of the cake
The Grandpa's each gave a short devotion - so special
Troy with his Grandpa and Grandma Olson
Great Aunt Marilyn with Jack and Troy
Troy - giving a devotion and reading Jackson's verse
Nana and Papa with Jack
Michelle, Nora and Jack
So sweet...

Lucy giving Jack a kiss!
Lucy and Jack - figuring each other out
Jack's first time up on all fours by himself!
Nana opening her Mother's day card from Jack
Playing with Nana
Auntie Amy and Jack reading

Jack and Daddy

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  1. What a handsome little guy! Love the pictures. Love that Lucy is trying to attack him :)
    Can't wait for you to be home for the summer.