Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day with Daddy!

Last week Troy and Jack had a whole day together! They had so much fun...I think Daddys may be a bit more fun than Mommys sometimes. Troy took Jack to our favorite park on a really warm day and then to the beach! Normally, I just let Jack play in the sand but Troy let Jack play in Lake Michigan! Jack had the best time! Troy took some pictures of their little adventure which are below along with some other pictures we've taken in the past week. Jack also started taking his first steps this fun! 10/13/10 he took two steps and everyday now he takes 4-6 steps at a time.

26 weeks and 1 day Fun at the beach!
So excited...waiting for the waves
This kid has no fear...the water is freezing!
Tired out after the beach "Peek-a-boo Daddy!"
Playing at the park...Jack loves to find sticks!
"Playing" the drums
Loves to climb...
Just a cute picture...
He comes after us if we take too many pictures of him!
About 3 times a day now he raids the kitchen...
Snuggling with Daddy

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