Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The BIG Day!!!

January 4th - DAY 6

Troy, Jack, my mom and I arrived at the hospital around 10am that morning. The first words out of the nurse's mouth were "Sam's going home today!" We were hoping for this but really hadn't gotten our hopes you can imagine the joy that came from hearing those words!

One of the requirements for leaving the NICU was having Sam sit in his car seat for an hour to make sure his breathing was not affected in that position. So around 11am he was put into his seat and we went downstairs to eat some lunch to try and distract us for a bit - because as you can imagine we were all pretty anxious at this point!

At noon he was discharged! Jack and Nana were standing outside the doors waiting for us. Introducing our two sons was such a special moment! Jack did so great...he was so curious and excited! It was so fun to get Sam home and just be a family...what a wonderful feeling! We are so blessed and thankful that Sam's health is restored and that our prayers for fast healing were answered! Troy and I can't begin to describe the joy we've felt over this past week and especially now that we are at home!

Enjoy the pictures of Sam's special day and thanks again to all of you for your love, support and prayers!

Sam doing his "car seat test"
Jack looking at his baby brother's picture before meeting him...
Jack is waiting for the doors to open and for us to come out!
Our two boys meeting for the first time!!!
Jack and Sam looking at each other
Our first family picture!

Sam was so was fun to see his eyes!
Nana's first time holding Sam!
Daddy feeding Sam for the first time!
Tired baby boy...
Jack giving his baby brother kisses!!

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  1. So excited that you were able to take him home! What wonderful pictures of Jack and Sam meeting - that must have just warmed your heart so much! Hope all is well as you get home and adjust. Much love,