Sunday, January 2, 2011

Samuel James Williams is Here!!!

We are so excited to announce the birth of our second son - Samuel James! He was born at 7:29am on 12/30/10. He weighed in at 7lbs 2oz and was 21 inches long. A VERY good size for someone who came 21 days early! I don't even want to think about what size he might have been had he come at 40 weeks!

My labor started at 2:40am...and less than 5 hours later he was here! was crazy how fast it went. I was dilated to a 7 already by the time we got to the hospital at 5:15am! SO GLAD I was still able to get an epidural! Major props to all the mama's out there that do it natural because I don't know if I could handle it!

Sam started having some breathing problems soon after he was born and it became more apparent about 2 hours after birth. They decided to admit him into the NICU and run some more tests. Below are some pictures and I'll give a day by day recap so you can see how his progress improves daily! We are so proud of him and CAN'T WAIT to bring him home!!

December 30th: DAY 1

Born at 7:29am. As they were cleaning him up the nurses noticed him making a "grunting" sound which indicates that there is fluid in his lungs. They called in a pediatrician to take a look at him. Initially they let him continue to be cleaned up and gave him back to me so Troy and I did get to hold him for about 45 minutes or so. I am so thankful for that time because little did I know I wouldn't get to hold him until his 3rd day of life!

Once they took him to be bathed they listened to his breathing again and at that point decided it was very labored and his grunting was literally constant. He was admitted to the NICU at that point. They ran several tests and X-rays to rule out infection and collapsed lungs. Thankfully all that came back negative. They also put him on oxygen and an IV. We did not get to hold him but did get to touch him on the head and diaper. We couldn't even stroke him at all because that was agitating enough to send his breathing into a state that wasn't healthy.

Here are some pictures from Day 1:

Right after he was born - being weighed and checked out by the nurses My first picture with Sam!
Troy's first picture with Sam!
In the nursery about to get a bath
Sam's first bath!
This is the only way we could touch him the first day...these are Troy's hands "holding Sam"
December 31st: DAY 2:

Day two started off really hard. We met with the attending neonatologist and learned that Sam had a condition called Respiratory Distress Syndrome with basically means his body is not producing Serfactant which is necessary in our lungs to be able to breathe properly. They had also moved him into an isolet because it was much quieter for him and the noise in the NICU was distracting enough to cause him to struggle breathing even more than he already was. They also decided to give him an oxygen mask every six hours which forced air into his lungs and expanded the lungs which helps in the healing process. The good news from the doctor was that he would have a full would just be a matter of time.
I was pretty discouraged from not being able to hold him and not knowing how long this process would take. Luckily, Jack came to visit me in the hospital which really cheered me up! He will not be able to meet Sam though until Sam comes home as they don't allow any kids under 2 into the NICU even if they are siblings. Later that night, when we went to say goodnight to Sam, the nurses made us a little "Happy New Year's" card from Sam to us...which made us smile and was a great way to end 2010.

Here are some pictures from Day 2:

Jack and Mommy playing in the hospital outside the NICU Troy, Jack and me standing outside the entrance to the close as Jack can get to his brother for now...
Auntie Amy and Sam
Sam loves his paci and the nose sucker is how they keep the paci from falling out when someone can't hold it for him
One of the first times we saw Sam's eyes open...we really felt like we were able to connect with him for the first time during those precious moments
The first picture taken with Troy, Sam and me all together
Holding Daddy's finger Sucking his paci
My first diaper change...never thought I'd look forward to one of these...but I was pretty excited when the nurse told me I could because it meant I got to touch my little guy!
His little hand with his IV...
January 1 - DAY 3:

Day three was so special...we got to hold Sam!! It's amazing what you take for granted until it's taken away from you and I hope now to NEVER take for granted holding any of my kids!!

The doctor also gave the go ahead to start feeding Sam. Up until now he had only been on an IV that was giving him vitamins and minerals. I started pumping on day one so it was very exciting to know I was going to start contributing a little more at least! They have a tube that runs through his nose into his stomach so they hook a little tube of milk up to it and it runs into his stomach. Although it was tiny amounts at each feeding, it was still a step in the right direction!

Here are some pictures from day 3:

Mommy holding Sam!!! Sleeping in my arms
Getting his first feeding!
Daddy holding Sam!
This was his "Happy New Year!" card that the nurses made from Sam to us!
Nana and Sam
DAY 4 and 5...will be up later today!


  1. Congrats Katie and Troy! We are praying that blessing continue for Sam and your family!

  2. Congratulations you guys!! I've been away from the internet for a few days, so I missed this, but I'm so glad to read about sweet Sam's progress! Makes me teary to read about those scary unknowns, but grateful to the Lord for giving him that healing, one day at a time. Praise His Name!!

    Katie, the trauma of Carter's difficult and exhausting delivery was an emotional hurdle that the Lord helped me get over with time. I didn't realize the impact of an unexpected situation until later. It was a long road of letting go of my expectations and hopes for the "perfect" delivery/recovery, etc. I'm sure there are lots of emotions for you too...But out of experience now, I can say with confidence that He is very faithful to minister to all of your needs, especially as they creep up over the coming weeks. Praying that those waves of hormones, emotions, etc will be easily ridden in the shadow of His grace for you.

    We are so happy for you guys! It's such JOY and chaos and fun to have 2 little ones :) Enjoy these days, as much as you can! Love you all, little Sam is just precious. Praying for a complete recovery of his breathing and for a smooth adjustment for Jack. He's going to be a great big brother! Love the pictures, can't wait to see more :)

    Congrats!! Love, The Armstrongs

  3. Katie:

    The pictures are priceless! I love the smiles and the joy and hope you have in writing your journals. Our prayers are with you guys right now and with little Sam to gain some strength and continue to grow!

    Keep us posted!

    Aimee and Dan