Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dillon's Debut and August at a Glance!

Yes! We finally have our puppy Dillon! And wow...has he turned our life upside down! I think I've reached my limit for a while now. But...he is a sweetie and we are so glad he is part of our family! Sam is the one who has taken to Dillon the most. They are so cute when they interact! Jack is funny...he knows how to use Dillon to get what he wants. He loves to bring the leash and tell us that the puppy needs to go out when really he is the one who wants to go outside! He loves him too but Sam is definitely the one who is smitten.

So August at a glance was filled with being outside, day after day after day! It's was gorgeous here. A typical day would include going on a run with the boys in the stroller to our favorite park, running home, lunch, naps and then talking a long walk with Dillon before dinner. On the weekends we went to the pool or the park pretty much every day. I have learned to love running with the stroller and making fun park stops with my boys!!

Updates on the boys...

Jack at 22 months is filled with more energy than ever before! He is learning new words everyday. His favorites lately are "home, mower, baby, bowl, Elmo, pool, ice" and I'm sure there are so many more that I can't think of right now. He is really figuring out how to put words together and make phrases which is so fun to hear! He loves anything that has a motor...lawn mowers, boats, trucks, diggers, motorcycles, etc. He is just full of excitement from all the "fun" things he sees during all of our car rides and stroller rides these days! He is still very attached to Sam. If there is ever a time when we take Jack somewhere without Sam he doesn't stop asking about "baby." The minute he wakes up he makes sure he finds "baby." He is always concerned about Sam's whereabouts. He doesn't really like sharing with Sam but is very protective of him, which I guess is a good thing. :-)

Sam at 8 Months:
Eating! This kid knows how to put food down! He is eating Puffs now for snacks and the occasional piece of bread. He is quickly figuring out that there are much tastier things than formula. :-)
Scooting! He loves to scoot across the room instead of crawl. He CAN crawl perfectly fine...and has done it several times but only when he is on surfaces he doesn't like (like grass and playground equipment).
Wrestling with Jack! He just yearns for attention and physical play from Jack. It's so cute!
Straws! We've been working with Sam and sippy cups for months now and he doesn't really like it. I handed him one of Jack's sippy cups with a straw and he went right for it and it was a success! Hey...whatever works, right!?!
Dillon! Several times a day he makes his way to Dillon's spot in the kitchen and they play through the gate, smiling and laughing away while Dillon licks him!
"baba baba baba" is his favorite (and really only) phrase these days!
Pulling up! He started by pulling up on the toy box to his knees and a few days later he was standing and now he pulls himself up on everything he can! The toy box, the dishwasher, ottoman, stroller, toy basketball hoop, crib, etc! Needless to say, it comes with a few bumps and bruises on the forehead as well!

The cutest (but also frustrating) thing both boys have been doing lately is playing in their room together when we put them down for naps/bedtime. We absolutely love to hear them laughing hysterically with each other and interacting so well but after about 30 minutes of it, we get a little frustrated that they haven't tired each other out yet. Jack seems to jump out of bed the minute I close the door and run to Sam's crib while Sam is busy pulling himself up and then they just giggle face to face. They love each other so much and we are so incredibly thankful.

I hope to get another post up in a few days of our September adventures so far! We took the kids to the fair and got some cute check back soon!

Enjoy the pictures below!

Jack's first fire truck experience! Let's just say he's a bigger fan when he's watching from afar :-)
We got Jack this water table so he had something fun to play with out on our
deck...and he loves it!
Jack meeting Dillon for the first time
Sam meeting Dillon for the first time
Sam doesn't use his pacifier anymore but he thinks it's fun to play with
Jack is playing "peek a boo" with the Jimmy John's bag

One of Sam's new favorite play areas is the play kitchen and food
Jack at one of his friend's birthday playdates...he loved the wheel barrow

...and the watering cans even though they are pink :-)
Here's Dillon...

Smiley Sam
Still loves the iPad and playing on our bed
Jack makes Sam "the road" sometimes
A Day at the Park! Sam is going through a tunnel!
Jack has officially conquered all slides by himself!

Snuggling and playing together in their room...

Sam - eating Puffs for the first time!
Me and Dillon
He loves his even makes it in to bed with him sometimes!
Pulling up on his knees for the first time!
Jack is trying on Daddy's shirt
Sam and Daddy wrestling
Playing peek a boo through a tunnel at the park
Auntie Katie with Bella
Happy Sam!
Reading, eating and standing all at the same time...
More wrestling...

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