Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Fun!

Finally summer weather arrived in July!! We have had so much fun being outside everyday! We have a little pool that we pull out that Jack loves to play in, we go to Lifetime's pool, we've been to the zoo, and even out on Prior Lake with the Anderson side for a day! July has flown by and we can't believe Troy's been working for over a month already! We have adjusted well for the most part and really love our time together on the weekends as a family.

Jack is 21 months already! I can't believe we almost have a 2 year old...although based on some of the tantrums lately it is believable :-) Some of Jack's new words this month are "ice, pool, and bubbles." All of which happen to be some of his favorite things in life right now. He won't drink anything unless it has ice in random! Some of his other favorite activities besides the pool and blowing bubbles are: coloring (with markers and crayons now), drawing with chalk out on the driveway almost everyday, playing with the hose and the sprayer on the hose (and yes, he has quite a good aim when it comes to getting Mommy wet!), swimming (although this is definitely not a new "favorite" of his), and using our iPad. It is absolutely amazing how he has taught himself to use the iPad to get to all the kid apps...specifically Elmo and the PBS app. He continues to amaze and amuse us everyday!

Our little Sam will be 7 months tomorrow! Some of his favorite things right now...
  • Sitting up! Last week he began sitting up for several minutes at a time now and really enjoys playing this way now
  • Rocking on all 4's! He is SO good at's just a matter of time before we have a crawler around our house again...
  • Books! He is so intrigued by books. Wants to touch/grab them, turn pages, eat them, etc.
  • Sucking his thumb! We have almost completely transitioned him to his thumb from the pacifier.
  • Eating! He has mastered eating pureed food finally...and his favorites are Apple/Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, and Apple Blueberry Oatmeal
  • Swimming! If he can float in his floaty...he is a happy camper!
The other BIG news in our family is that our little puppy Dillon will be joining our family one week from tonight! We are so excited to welcome him to the Williams' stay tuned for some cute photos!

Enjoy the pictures below!

We finally caved and bought a minivan...although dorky...I love the convenience!
Sam rocking on all fours!!

Washing a car with Daddy and having so much fun!!
Hanging out in the sun!
Oh the hose...
Sam is just so darn sweet!

Blowing bubbles
Auntie Amy and Sam on Prior Lake
Nana and the boys on the lake
Sweet Sammy napping on the boat
Jack and Daddy driving the boat!
Our little the lake!
Oh Jack...

Sam...not a huge fan of peas in case you can't tell!
There was ice on the floor...and that's Jack eating the ice...
Nana and the boys
Jack's "new" way to get into bed
Jack is trying to do a summersalt in bed
First time sitting up!!
Happy little guy...

At the zoo...

Riding the monorail!
Riding the tractor at the zoo
He loved the goats...

At our friend Angie's birthday pool party...
Loving the Cheetos...
Going off the diving board for the first time!
Sliding into the pool was also a hit!


  1. Katie,
    Your boys are precious! You look great! How did you get Jack into a toddler bed and keep him there?? ANy tips!!??

  2. So sweet Katie! Adorable photos! Looks and sounds like you guys have been swamped!! glad you are back home!